Planning and Strategy

Your success starts with a road map to it. Here's how we'll help you get there:

  • Set goals and key performance indicators

  • Develop and implement business plan & strategy

  • Performance tracking and evaluation

  • Budgeting and resourcing


  1. Market Research

  2. Customers and competition

  3. Risk assessment

  4. Marketing plan

  5. Establish KPIs

  6. Budgeting

Our planning and strategy service is personalised yet broad and aims to ensure your organisation has a functioning system that's engineered for success. Here's what you can expect as part of this service:

  • Market Research for your product or service 

  • In depth documentation of all your potential customers and competitors

  • Risk assessment and mitigation strategy – through the use of industry known techniques such as SWOT analysis.

  • Marketing Plan – Documentation of a personalised marketing methodology and the budget to go with it

  • Establish Key Performance Indicators to track and evaluate the success of the applied marketing method

  • Budgeting – Track money spent, identify value adding opportunities and maximise the efficiency of purchased resources 

So how does it work?

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