Are you looking to network with other sales pros?

Jim Rohn, the motivational speaker, famously said 'you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with'.

Register for this event if you want to meet new friends, have strategy talks, learn new conversion tips and objection handling techniques, discover new opportunities and 10X your mindset.

During the event, you will receive a name tag that details your:
- your current role eg sales
- the industry you are in eg solar
- what you are looking for eg new opportunities

We encourage you to introduce yourself to 5 new people and walk away with actionable steps to 10X your sales.

DISCLAIMER: This event is intended to facilitate introductions only. The organisers are not responsible in any way of your activities or the behaviour of others.

Keep winning, be great,

Chad (instagram @chadcorp) &
Carlos (instagram @carlosvillamindset)

* Free entrance

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