For Registration please refer to idea was suggested by Christine (thank you).=========Are you living in a COVID locked down area and trying to find a neighbourhood walking buddy?For the purpose of exercise, you are permitted to go for a walk with ONE other person. See: you are interested to find a neighbourhood walking buddy, please write a comment below stating your suburb. If you find someone who is in the same suburb, message that person using the Meetup messaging system and arrange a walk between the two of you.A list of suburbs with Neighbourhood Walking Buddies is here: rules:(1) Please adhere to COVID-19 isolation rules at all times. e.g. 1.5 metre social distance at all times, no physical contact, wear a mask and you can only walk with ONE other person. Do not go out if you have COVID symptoms. Also you must only exercise once a day, for 1 hour maximum, and you and your buddy cannot go further than 5km from your respective homes.(2) Choose sensible and safe walking routes, walking times, walking distances, weather conditions, etc(3) If you have not done so, please update your Meetup photograph so that your walking buddy can recognise you.RegardsFi