What we'll do
At 4pm in Insignia bar.

Come along and enjoy informal conversation with people interested in Japanese culture and customs. No structure, just having a good time with like-minded people. Bring enough funds to buy a drink for yourself. Don't forget your ID. You might be asked for it if you look like you're under 30!

Please note that the main organiser, Gabor, cannot make it this month. Instead, Steve J will be your point of contact, if you need to speak with someone. Otherwise, just join in!

'Time to Mingle'
Easy to move around and speak to other people. Everyone is there to meet many people so feel free to move on from a conversation from person to person. Everyone will understand this. You can use lines like 'It was nice talking to you. It's time I did some more mingling' or simply smile and say 'time to mingle!'

Be nice to each other, it's a friendly community.
This is not a pick-up group. People who ask for other members' contact details excessively or get offered them but then spam them will be banned. There's really no need to contact anyone outside the Meetup meetings. Tell them you hope to see them at the next one! If you really wish to contact other members in the group outside the normal meeting dates, you can use the Meetup discussion board for that. Thanks for understanding.

Serious Stuff!
You and your guests are solely responsible for any issues or situations that arise from attending a Meetup meeting and cannot hold the organizers, co-organizers or anyone else responsible for any problems that may arise as a result of your decision to attend a meeting. Please review the official terms and conditions here for more details: https://www.meetup.com/terms/