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Check out these hand picked events that just may tickle your fancy

Every First Friday

Arabian Nights

Come join the merry mob and celebrate all that is Arabic, wether you are an Arabic native speaker, have a planned trip to Morocco or simply curious about the Arabic culture, Arabain Nights is the place for you 


Please join the Melbourne Arabic meetup goup at Lindt Cafe in Southgate every first Friday of the month

Every Wednesday from 6 PM

Mundo Lingo

Are you missing a token minority in your group ? did you always want a Japanse best fiend ? Wanna diversify your crowd by meeting more internationals ? 

Then lingos is the place to be, with a fun easy-to-approach crowd and a focus on language learning, this event well placed to meet new people form different backgrounds.

Every Thursday after 5 PM

Live Piano Evening

If a nice evening out with some piano tunes is your thing, then Vodka Temple is the place for you, with a great vibe and a talented piano and saxophone players, this place is quite the event.

With a smart casual dress code, a Piano located in the middle of the bar and fancy decoration this is quite an elegant event.

Every Wed & Thu at 6 PM 

Salsa Introduction Class

No experience necessary. The Salsa beginner’s classes at the Salsa Foundation are designed to teach absolute first timers the basics of salsa dancing. You only need these 3 or 4 steps to be able to hit the floor!

Its a great introduction to Salsa and the crowd is welcoming and vibe is pleasant.

Every Third Tuesday

French Meetup

Notre meetup donne aux francophones et aux étudiants en français l'opportunité de parler français dans un cadre detendu. Ouvert a tous et a toutes qui veulent passer un bon moment en francais!

Come join the French meetup group for an evening of french conversation and witty humour with the crème de la crème in the Carlton Bar in the CBD 

Every Sat at 10.30 AM

Free Walking Tour

Curious about the most livible city in world ? how did it start ? what makes it unique ? If you are, Learn about the site’s history, unique architecture and the engineering marvels that make Fed Square one of the city’s great icons at teh free walking tour that departs from

Meet at the statue of Sir Redmond Barry in front of the State Library 


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A peculiar bunch that believe everyone should be able to enjoy their time in Melbourne regardless of budget. Its why we created this central platform for all freeee events around Melbourne.

The concept behind freeee is that there is always something for freeee. That means that each event listed on our platforms have something freeee (of charge) to offer; be it freeee entry, drinks, food, take-home tokens and many more. 

In doing so, we strive to maximise the benefit, whatever it may be, you make of your experience.




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