Easy to use for just about any training routine, be it aerobics or weight training, these straps have got you covered. Made from durable oxford cloth for strength and comfort and filled with soft castle iron sand, these well balanced padded straps are easily and fully adjustable for the perfect fit.

Wear them at home while doing chores or take them outside with your errands, each step will take you closer towards a better you!

10kg Adjustable Ankle/Wrist Weight Straps

    • Only comes in the colour black
    • 10kg per pair (5kg each)
    • Weight adjustable: from 1kg - 5kg in increments per strap
    • Each strap measures 25mm wide and 505mm long
    • Package dimensions: 18 x 18 x 16cm
    • Package weight: approximately 10.3kg
    • Made from reinforced heavy-duty nylon
    • Attach easily with one-size-fits-all Velcro
    • Comfortable outer mesh which breathes for long workouts