Simple but satisfying. Our Everfit Rowing Machine, utilizing an elastic-rope system, targets all the major muscle groups for well-toned abs, back and legs. Simply select the workouts you desire, with up to four levels of manual resistance, and monitor the progress on the large LCD display console. This fitness machine is just perfect for home fitness routines with its quiet operation and super sturdy frame. Featuring anti-slip footrests with adjustable foot straps to ensure secure smooth glides, the Rowing Machine also has a moulded seat for comfort while burning up the calories. With a weight capacity of up to 150kg, the Rowing Machine is no push over in terms of strength and durability. And when the huffing and puffing is done, simply fold it and store till the next session.

4 Level Rowing Exercise Machine

  • Features
    Elastic-rope system
    Quiet operation
    4 levels of manual resistance
    Big LCD display to check the workout
    Wheel glide rail system
    Durable steel made glide rail
    Commercial comfort moulded seat
    Adjustable large footrest for maximum comfort
    Comes with rollers for easy transportation
    Space saving foldable design

    Brake system: Elastic Rope
    Resistance level: 4
    Row length: 90cm
    Glide frame material: Steel
    Overall dimension: 174 x 38 x 54.5cm
    Weight capacity: 150kg

    Package Content
    1 x Rowing Machine