This 280ml spray-type automatic sensor soap dispenser is infrared intelligent and precise sensor. It can store alcohol,  sanitiser and is not suitable for storing liquid soap , shower gel, and other gel structure.

This soap dispenser is a battery model. Please use four No. 5 batteries to use it.

Made of ABS environmentally-friendly and dirt-resistant materials, safe and corrosion-resistant.

There is a reminder in the direction of opening the lid, allowing you to easily open the lid. 20 ° dip angle spray angle, bionic radian design.





Capacity:280 ml

Sensor Touch less Sanitiser Dispenser Spray

AU$69.00 Regular Price
AU$65.55Sale Price
  • The spray type intelligent sensor can quickly kill microorganisms.

    Small size, suitable for various environments such as homes, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, schools and so on.

    Stylish appearance, quantitative liquid discharge, silent working state, and contact-free design.

    To eliminate harmful microorganisms, a small wash every day can maintain a healthy day.