1. UV Sanitizer - The sterilizer uses bacteria-zapping UV disinfectant to light targets in those hard to reach areas. press clean switch sterilize with indicator lights keep green; machine stops automatically after 6 minutes while clean finish.

2. Fits Every Phone - Fits 6inch bigger phones and phablets.

3. Aromatherapy function - Put essential oil on the Aromatherapy inlet, press Aromatherapy switch with Aroma humidifier for your device. It will stop automatically after 10 minutes while aromatherapy is finishing, and your device will smell very beautiful.

Main material: ABS
Power mode: USB power supply
Collection method: collection in a cool and dry place, without contamination
Maximum capacity: 8.7In Mobile phone

UV Sanitizer

AU$69.00 Regular Price
AU$65.55Sale Price
  • Cleaner function also can be applied for other things; such as underwear, socks, baby toys, forks, knives, watches, eye glasses, toothbrush, jewelry, keys, bluetooth earphone and other small items